Monday, February 2, 2009

Italian Vogue is Badass

Though I cannot read Italian, I love Italian Vogue for its devotion to innovation and conceptualism, its tantalizing photo spreads and gorgeous covers. Italian Vogue isn't afraid to push the envelope, if you'll forgive me for using such a cliched phrase. Like an Italian mafioso, it's truly badass.
Just a few months ago, Italian Vogue had an "all-black" issue featuring only black models on its covers and inside photo spreads. People said it wouldn't sell; it sold out. Would American Vogue ever make such a bold move? Even with the first black president in office and February being black history month? No, of course not. American Vogue is too scared of making these types of statements for some reason. It would be truly refreshing to see something bold and new and fresh from the stale and boring magazine. And it doesn't have to come in the form of an "all-black" issue.

It could be something as simple as an innovative, creative, captivating and lush cover like the one above, also from Italian Vogue. OK, obviously the cover isn't everything, but in a way it is the most important thing because it's what you look at before you decide to actually look inside. If you really pay attention to these types of things, you'll notice that oftentimes the cover will determine whether you turn even one page of the magazine or none at all.

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  1. I have to admit, first of all, that I've never read an issue of American Vogue, just because (as you say) the cover is what makes you want to look inside. And I'm Italian, so it's also quite expensive to buy a copy here. I prefere to pay a bit more but to buy Vogue Japan (only some times) because I think it's really cutting edge and filled with beauty (even if I can't read or speak Japanese). Anyway, what I think are the biggest differences between Italian and American Vogue are that the Italian Vogue is really interested in an artistic and cultural profile (the amazing photos, the Meisel's covers, the wonderfoul articles...)while the American one is really more commercial and patinated. I mean, just look at the covers: Vogue Italia has got only the best models of the moment or of all times, always portraied by Steven Meisel in very strange stories, and only a big, emblematic word or frase. The American Vogue has quite always got celebrities (even if I know why Wintour does it, I really don't appreciate it) and it's filled with things written, they're disturbing! It's so heavy to look!
    So, this year I think I will buy the sempember Issue, just because it's so important, but I will always buy Vogue Italia (at least I think and hope it) becase it's really the best for me. I think THAT should be the real "Fashion-Bible".

    P.S. The curious thing is that The Black Issue had to be reprint for all over foreign countries, but in Italy they even had copies that remained unsold. So I just ask to myself why does no other magazine do something like that if everybody loved it world-wide? I totally agree with you