Friday, January 23, 2009

THIS is what I'm talking about: Russian Vogue Brings It!

Victoria Beckham graces the cover of the February issue of Russian Vogue, and to quote Tyra Banks, "Girl looks fierce!" I actually hate using that word, but in this case, it totally fits. The cover is sexy, powerful, mysterious and dramatic. I love the red nails, the eyes so covered by the hat's shadow that you can barely see them. It's the kind of cover that really draws you in and you find yourself weirdly mesmerized for some reason.

Obviously, there's no way a Russian-themed cover that evokes communism would go well with Middle America so naturally La Wintour would never be OK with this. But I'm not asking her to regurgitate other awesome covers; I'm asking her to make her own awesome covers!!! I want American Vogue to produce covers that are mesmerizing, captivating, provocative but not overtly sexual, and timeless. There's so much excitement and energy in this country right now and it's a shame that Vogue can't reflect these sentiments in their pages. For a magazine that is often called the fashion bible, there's just nothing remotely holy or biblical about it anymore.

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  1. I think we *should* try to make communism sexy again, though.