Saturday, March 20, 2010

What Vogue Covers Should Be

Finally, a good Vogue cover. Actually, a GREAT Vogue cover. One that actually makes you want to pick up the magazine from the newsstand or actually open the issue if you're a subscriber like me. Gisele Bundchen (looking great after recently giving birth to her first child with husband Tom Brady) sells all the sweet promises of spring with her fresh-faced good looks, gorgeous skin, and playful yet seductive style. This is the kind of cover that might actually inspire consumers to buy all the goodies within (if they had money or a job, that is). After the horrendous cover with Jessica Biel that made both her and denim look like the unsexiest things EVER, I'm beyond pleased with this cover. For now, at least. Hopefully, this is the start of Vogue's covers going in a new, better direction.


  1. love when models are on the cover!!! and how come they never have the current runway models that are not supermodels they are a million times better than Miley Cyrus!!!! I was disappointed to see her on so many covers!

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